Bombarde Indienne
Breton bombarde, Macedonian kaval, guitar, Moroccan bells. All played by David Stiernholm. Drums by Spinningmerkaba.
"A couple of years ago, I bought a bombarde when I was vacationing in Brittany, France. As the technique is somewhat similar to my main instrument, the oboe, it was fairly easy to learn how to play. The bombarde is wonderfully loud, despite it's small size.

I really wanted to make a fetching loop with the bombarde, but I don't think I succeeded. Anyway, I like the improvisational part better.

And I'm surprised that the Macedonian Kaval sounds OK, because I certainly haven't learnt to play that properly yet.

For the bass sound, I recorded my Levin guitar and pitched it down an octave.

I let some Moroccan bells contribute with treble as well as rythm.

The drumtrack I found on (which I, by the way, highly recommend) and it is by courtesy of spinningmerkaba."