Compose Part 2
Programmed drums, strings & synths; oboe by David Stiernholm. Bass played by Andreas Gustafsson. Cajun played by Peter Madsen.
"'Compose Part 2' is a tune from the '[Puie: Dsch] Collaborative'-project, where I and designer Karin Gullbrantz created a chair with accompanying music in a parallell process, so the design was inspired by the music and the music by the design.

The sharp synth-sounds in the beginning reflects one of Karin's models of a chair chassis made of a twisted steelrod. The melody played by the oboe is similar to another model's profile, if it had been placed in a musical sheet.

The 'Œuvres' were released in an event at Brand Design Center in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 19th of April 2006."

More info on the "[Puie: Dsch] Collaborative"-project here.