The Japanese decision
Sampled drums, programmed bass, Italian accordeon, three low whistles, triangle. All played by David Stiernholm.
"'The Japanese decision' is one of the first recordings I did with my, then, new (but used) Italian accordeon. At the time, I was (and still am) in love with the slightly melancholic sound of the accordeon. Just improvising on the instrument, I found the riff in the introduction, and built the rest on that.

I wanted the main melody to contrast to the riff and be more of a gentle, soothing melody for bright summer nights by the sea.

This is the first tune in which I made a pad by recording a couple of irish whistletracks on to each other. I've used the idea since, e.g. in 'Frrrrr' (but then with slide whistles).

Finally, I added a triangle to brighten it all up. The triangle is a far too underestimated instrument, I think. More of that."