Programmed drums, oboe, brick layers trowel, four slide whistles, voice. All played by David Stiernholm.
"When I started working on what would become 'Frrrrr', I had this rythm in my head that I found really suggestive. Since I'm not an experienced percussionist, I had little knowledge in how to transport the rythm from inside my head to inside the sequencer. So, I recorded myself making the rythm with my voice and mouth, a technique I'm fond of. It sounded like this. I programmed the percussion with the recording as a guide, into this.

Right in the start, there is this sweeping, metallic sound. That's a brick-laying-tool I used to remodel our entrance floor. While cleaning it from cement, I discovered it had a nice kung-fu-fighting-sword-resonance. So I recorded it and reversed the sound.

Maybe the most prominent detail of Frrrrr is the slide whistle quartet. Actually, that's the same slide whistle recorded four times. It makes me think of a 70's police movie based in New York (or maybe San Fransisco, with car chases over the hills). Quite out of tune, but I think that adds to the spooky effect.

I'm quite satisfied with the oboe as well as the short Brecker Brothers-inspired synth-riff.

As you may notice, the tune is not completed. And, I will not complete it.."