Programmed drums & bass, oakwood chimes, guitar, children's xylophone, recorder, soprano saxophone. All played by David Stiernholm.
"'Ground' is a piece I created a while ago. I wanted the beat to very minimalistic, which I think I succeeded in. I like how it stops and "holds it's breath" every second bar. At the time, I chose a very basic bass-sound; something I would do otherwise today. But, that felt right then, so, so be it.

As an effect, I recorded an "ambient-instrument" I made from oakwood a couple of years ago. It resembles those wind-chimes some people have hanging on their porch, but wooden.

I improvised the melody on a recorder and I enjoy its melancholy. I repeated the melody on my soprano saxophone, as a contrast to the thin sound of the recorder.

You'll also hear a favourite of mine, a small xylophone from Järna, Sweden. It comprises only an octave, but the sustain is wonderfully long.

All in all, I find it a sweet, little melody."