Jubel Töne
Hand clap, Italian accordeon, East German zither, soprano saxophone, voice, plektrum against zither, musical saw, voice. All played by David Stiernholm.
"In late summer of 2006, a very dear friend of mine gave me her East German zither of the brand 'Jubel Töne'. I was astonished by her generosity and being given an instrument was so unexpected for me. And, I was overwhelmingly happy. Few things give me such joy as new instruments (last week I bought myself a trumpet).   

I went to a friend who owns a violin store, and he ordered a tuning-key from Germany, which arrived two weeks later. This zither is normally tuned in quite 'ordinary' chords, such as C, D, G, F & A, but I had the idea that I would tune it in, for me, more exciting chords, such as Fmaj7. This is my first try at playing the zither, and I will definitely use it more in the future.

I set out to only use natural sounds and no midi-instruments. I made the 'bass-drum' by recording hand claps and then I transposed them down one octave. The bass is similarly my Italian accordeon (a Curtini), also lowered an octave. I think it almost sounds as a bowed upright bass sometimes.

I improvised a melody on the saxophone and after one round, I was lacking something to follow it with. I spontaneously wrote nonsense lyrics and sang them.

Luckily, I found a place for my musical saw as a 'take off'-effect in the end of verse 1. It's fascinating how an acoustic instrument can make such a strange sound.

And, then 'Jubel Töne' was completed. "