[Puie:] is an experimental project by multiinstrumentalist David Stiernholm.


The intention is to spontaneously create music with what is at hand (instruments, ideas, voices, household appliances, recorded sounds et c), just without hesitation.


David Stiernholm, born 1971, resides in rural West Sweden. He is inspired by exploring sudden ideas, having a "yes"- rather than "no, maybe not"-attitude. Currently, his main instruments are the oboe, soprano saxophone, nyckelharpa, whistles and the occasional musical saw.

David is also one half of Ögonblick, a collaboration with Bristol based artist Ken Peel. Check out Ögonblick here.



David is available for booking regarding concerts or seminars, at bookings@puieunlimited.com.

Contact David directly at david@puieunlimited.com. Your feedback is highly appreciated.